Easy Baby Shower Cakes

Create cute baby shower cakes in no time

Baby shower cake are probably the cutest cakes there are. They are usually made for a boy or a girl. Colors are pastel: For a girl we often use pink or violet and for a boy blue or green color.

Sometimes however, parents don’t want to know the gender of their baby so “neutral” pastel colors can be used, like yellow or orange for example.

We will show you here how easy it is to make a beautiful baby shower cakes with the edible images.

There are all kinds of photos you may choose to make a stunning, personalized baby shower cake. These days it is very popular to use ultra sound images of the baby.

You may use baby “stuff” pictures or clip art … sky is the limit!

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Cake

It's a Girl Baby Shower Cake


A. You would need:

a. Small round buttercream or fondant cake

b. One digital image

c. One edible image

B. Steps

Simply glue the edible images to the cake

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