Dora Birthday Cakes for Children Birthdays

Is there any child, a boy, or a girl who doesn't like Dora? I do not think so.

Dora is very popular and fun character in Dora the Explorer. All children simply love and adore Dora due to her kind personality and adventurous spirit.

She has positive view and teaches children many things like Spanish for example. That is why most boys and girls like Dora and her adventures.

Making Dora birthday cakes for your children's birthday is attractive and all guests will be happy specially the celebrants.

If you wish to make Dora birthday cakes, you have to use your creativity and imagination. You do not need any special receipt for this cake. At first, decide what type of the cake you are going to bake. For example, you can bake an ordinary cake and add Dora figurine or Dora photo on the top of the cake. Never mind whether you decide to bake chocolate cake or a butter cake as long as it matches your kids' flavor. They will be thrilled and all their friends will envy them.

The complicated way is to bake the cake in Dora shape cake pan. This shape is very interesting and attractive and I am almost certain that your children are going to be extremely and pleasantly surprised. As I said, it is a little bit complicated method to bake this cake but if you have patience and time, you can make your child happy. Buying Dora shape cake pan and baking this cake on your own can cost a lot of money.

 If you cannot afford this, bake a regular cake, put some cute little Dora figurines on the top of the cake, and write Dora wishes you Happy Birthday. Your kids will simply love it.

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