Dome Fun Cake Design

There are lots of beautiful cakes you can make with the dome fun cake design for specific themed parties. When you build a dome, you can make little animals or buildings out of it, or use it to give life to a theme.

 Animals like the turtle or a ladybug can easily be formed using small domes for the legs and body. You can use red frosting for the body and round off the mouth with chocolate icing and cookies.

 Such cakes are a great hit with kids and the simple dome design can be used to great effect.When you want to make a building or a person, the dome fun cake design would again come in handy.

 Layers of domes stacked on top of each other can make a nice building. You can even create a person by using small domes as the body. Dark chocolate frosting can be used for the covering.

You can use small candies to shape the person’s eyes, nose and mouth. In case you are going for a more specific sports theme, the dome is the best idea to make everything. Soccer balls to golf balls, all use the same design and you can decorate it with buttercream filling and a frosting of your choice. This simple yet fun cake design can be used for lot of beautiful cakes.

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