Easy Baby Shower Cupcakes

Ideas for easy baby shower cakes with edible images, ready made decorations and cute liners

You can make a memorable cupcakes with the help of edible images. Print some cute pregnant mom's to be pictures and use them as a toppers. She would love that! You may also use the ultrasound pictures of the baby ... Simply think of what would make her happy and do it!

Another easy ideas is using ready made decorations. We are offering here a few really cute edible peaces that would make any cupcake adorable.

You may scale down and just use nice, "babyish" cupcake liners that would present your cupcakes in a very nice way.

Whichever idea you use, your cupcakes will be very easy to make, but still, unique and memorable.

Beautiful glitter wrappers and edible cameo fondant decoration:

Beautiful glitter wrappers and edible foot fondant decoration:

Spanish tile cupcake liners and stroller edible decoration

More ideas for easy baby shower cupcakes:

Boy Baby Shower Edible Images

Girl Baby Shower Edible Images

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