Dog Birthday Cake Design

You are thinking about making a dog birthday cake? Why not? It may seem kind of different, but in my family we celebrate everything. Even the dog’s birthday.

If you’ve never had a birthday party for your dog; you’re really missing out on a lot of fun. You may use below cake to celebrate a dog lover's birthday as well.

A few years ago, I hosted a birthday party for our Basset Hound. I invited my niece, who was about eleven at the time, and her poodle.We had a blast. She brought a Gainesburger for the birthday boy and we actually used that for his birthday cake. We munched on another birthday cake I had baked.

I found some pictures of cakes on the Internet and really loved a birthday cake design I found shaped like a bone. How perfect for a dog birthday cake! A bone design for this kind of cake can be really cute, but there are a lot of other cute cake designs you could use too. What about a Dalmatian themed cake or even a Blue’s Clues birthday cake?

If you’re afraid people will think you’re silly for baking a dog birthday cake, don’t worry about it. These days everybody needs a good laugh and a dog birthday cake is a great way to give the whole family a few chuckles. The kids will absolutely love the idea and certainly won’t turn down the chance to munch on a funny birthday cake. Even the grownups will get into the spirit of it when they see such a cute and amusing birthday cake design.

Every kid or adult is sure to fall in love with a dog fun cake design that reminds them of man’s best friend. Such designs are extremely simple to make and you need the base cake prepared beforehand. When it comes to the images, you can go for the butter cream transfer method or the toothpick tracing method to make the best outlines. You will get many images of cute dogs online that will fit your needs perfectly. For the body you need white frosting and you can innovate by putting a lighter shade of chocolate for the paws and mouth.

Once the shape has been prepared, you need to use proper chocolate frosting to make the mouth design. You can make your great cake design even better by using decorating tips to draw the paws and nose of the dog instead of using cookies or candies.The paws and nose should be done with a combination of black color and chocolate icing so that it looks bright and attractive. For the eyes, you can use the cookies or candies and use pink frosting for a wagging tongue. If done properly, the dog fun cake design would surely win everyone over. 

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