Disney Fun Cake Design Disney Fun Cake Design for Kids

 Every kid loves a beautiful Disney fun cake design that takes them to the magical wonderland of fairies and princesses. You can make such a cake by simple preparations and decorative icing. If you are going with a princess cake, you can take the image from a coloring book and use frosted butter cream transfer to get it onto your cake.

 For a castle, you need a combination of square or round cakes to build the basic structure. Once you are done with the layering, the decorations can add the real charm of the cake. For a castle, you can use sugar cones or ice cream cones as turrets and dip them in the same frosting as the base layer to make it look authentic. When it comes to a princes, you can use white frosting for the filling and add in layers of colors for her clothes.The outline should be made smooth using a knife and you can use sprinkles to give a colored royalty to the cake.

 A combination of butter cream and dark chocolate frosting can make for a beautiful picture as you fill in stars and designs with the fondant. This unique fun cake design is sure to win you a lot of praises.


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