Dirt Cakes Designs Decorating Ideas and Pictures

 Dirt cakes are perfect to make for gardeners or for kids considered "tweenies", not little kids anymore but not yet teenagers.

There is no baking involved in this easy recipe. Dirt cake is made from chocolate sandwich cookies and a mixture of cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, milk, instant pudding and whipped topping.

There is very little decorating to do. Usually a clay pot is lined with foil and then some crumbled cookies are placed in the pot. Next a mixture of the other ingredients is added. Continue to layer the ingredients and when full add a small plastic flower and some gummi worms in the dirt.

For younger kids put the mixture in new plastic pails and add a miniature shovel to eat with. They will be delighted. My daughter served this at a party for 5 year olds, the layered mixture was put in paper cups with wooden ice cream spoons.

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