Darth Vader Fun Cake Design

Darth Vader Fun Cake Design For Theme Parties



The dream of every star wars fan is to see the dark lord Darth Vader fun cake design on their platter.
 If you are having a theme party or just any specific occasion, the cake can add a lot of attention.
You need a basic sheet cake preparation but the real challenge lies in the decoration. You should go for a perfect cake pan shaped like Darth Vader to make the base outline.

In case you do not find a customized pan, you can take a simple image from a coloring book and transfer it onto the cake for better results.The primary colors for this unique fun cake design will be black and grey.
You can substitute the black with dark chocolate frosting or use black color with normal chocolate to bring the perfect match.

 Black color can also be added to white icing to make a grey tone for the eyes and mouth. If you are using Butter cream, the transfer can be done easily.
 Allow sufficient time for the outline, layering and filling of the cake so it does not turn into a complete mess. Smoothen out the edges and use your Darth Vader fun cake design to impress your friends.

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