Christmas Cupcakes - Decorating Ideas, Recipes and Videos

 Cupcakes for Christmas party - step by step instructions

Cupcakes for Christmas are so much more fun than any other deserts, including cakes. You may decorate them in so many different ways and bring more festive spirit to your home. It is a good idea to decorate them together with kids and let their imagination fly.

1. Christmas tree cupcake decoration

Christmas Cupcake
Christmas Cupcake

What you need


icing bag or zip lock bag
sticky tape
sharp knife
decorator or cookie press

Bakery goods:

a batch of your favorite cupcakes
ice cream
whipped cream
white sugar icing
green icing
star shaped candy
different colored candy

Step 1: put some sticky tape on the corner of the icing bag or zip lock bag to reinforce it. Cut out a small V shape in the corner of the zip lock bag.

Step 2: holding a sharp knife at an angle cut out the center of the cupcake. The center of the cupcake after you lift it out should look like a cone. Put this away for later, because this will be the top of the tree.

Step 3: Using a cookie press decorate the sides of the cupcake with whipped cream. You can also use any kind of icing and simply use a knife to spread it on the sides of the cupcake.

Step 4: Fill up the center of the cupcake. For this you can use ice cream or whipped desert cream.

Step 5: Once this is done, you can start building up the Christmas tree. For this you can use a piece of doughnut as the trunk of the tree, and using icing as glue add the cone to the top. Use green icing to fill in the spaces between the doughnut ball and the cone.

Step 6: Create the Christmas tree by going around the “tree” with the icing bag add the branches by squeezing the icing bag, pulling back and releasing the icing. This way the icing will have nice elongated shapes which look like branches or leaves.

Step 7: Keep going around doing the previous step in an upward direction until the whole thing is covered and it looks like a Christmas tree.

Step 8: To decorate the tree you can use a star shaped candy for the top and add different colored candy all over the tree.


If you cannot find a star shaped candy you can make one from fondant
If you fill the center of the cupcake with ice cream, keep it in the fridge and only take it out a few minutes before serving.

2. Various Christmas cupcakes decorations

What you need


icing bag
medium sized bowl

Bakery goods:

favorite batch of cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla)
royal icing sugar decorations
edible cake decorations such as snowflakes and holly
different colored buttercream (white, red, green, blue)
blue crystal sugar
ñ white, red and green sprinkles


Step 1: Ice a chocolate cupcake with blue buttercream, using the icing bag and going around to create a nice spiral and finishing it by moving upwards.

Step 2: Place the blue crystal sugar in a bowl and roll the cupcake with the buttercream in it.

Step 3: Place a snowflake on top of the cupcake.
Step 4: Repeat the previous steps with a vanilla cupcake, rolling it into regular crystal sugar.

Step 5: Take a chocolate cupcake and make a double swirl of buttercream: green first then red, both being Christmas colors. Sprinkle the white, red and green sprinkles on the sides of the cupcake, leaving the lovely swirls on top visible.

Step 6: Add a holly sugar decoration to the top of the cupcake.

Step 7: Once you have enough cupcakes, place them on a tray and decorate it with the royal icing sugar decorations. Sprinkle sugar all over the cupcakes and the tray to make it look like snow.

Use your imagination and create as many version using these ingredients as you can! For example a vanilla cupcake with red buttercream and colorful royal icing sugar with a holly on top is another version that you can make.
You can use other decorations as well such as snowmen, stars etc.

3. Christmas wreath cupcakes decorations

What you need


knife or spatula
icing bag
Bakery goods:

a batch of your favorite cupcakes
white icing
green food coloring
red colored candy
sugar decoration


Step 1: Ice a cupcake with white icing using a knife or spatula.

Step 2: Create leaves by squeezing, pulling away and releasing the green buttercream. Keep going around the cupcake starting from the lower edge until it starts to look like a wreath.

Step 3: Add some red candy all around the buttercream leaves.

Step 4: Add a sugar decoration to the middle (such as a bell or a ribbon).

3. Christmas cupcake recipes

A. Spiced Christmas cupcakes with brandy butter topping

What you need


For the cupcakes

225 g self raising flour
200 g dark brown sugar
250 g unsalted butter
190 g mixed fruit such as raisins
6 g mixed spice such as cinnamon and cloves
1 orange
3 eggs

For the decoration:

225 g icing sugar
35 ml brandy
sprinkles or Christmas candy

large bowl
small bowl
wooden spoon
12 cupcake cases
fork for beating the eggs

Step 1: preheat the oven to 180 degrees (353 Fahrenheit).

Step 2: soften 150 g of butter until it is like a cream.

Step 3: using a large bowl mix the melted butter with the brown sugar. You can use a wooden spoon or an electric mixer for this.

Step 4: add the mixed spices into the butter-sugar mixture.

Step 5: add the flour blending slowly until you have an even batter.

Step 6: beat the three eggs in a different bowl with a fork.

Step 7: add the beaten eggs into the mixture.

Step 8: grate the orange and add this with the juice of the orange to the batter.

Step 9: add the mixture of fruits.

Step 10: deride the batter evenly into the 12 cupcake cases.

Step 11: cook them for about 30 minutes until they have a lovely dark gold color.

Decorating the cupcakes

Step 1: soften the 100 g of butter which is left from the cupcakes.

Step 2: slowly add the icing sugar to the melted butter.

Step 3: add the brandy and beat this mixture until it is creamy.

Step 4: using a knife of spatula spread the frosting on the cupcakes.


Wait until the cupcakes have cooled down. Once they are cool, you can start decorating them.
You can decorate the cupcakes with Christmas candy, sprinkles or sugar Christmas theme baking decorations such as Santa hat, holly leaf and so on.

B. Chocolate peppermint Christmas cupcakes

What you need


For the cupcakes

2 cups of flour
1 ts of baking powder, baking soda and salt
¾ cup cocoa powder for baking
2 cups of sugar
1 cup of coffee
1 cup of vegetable oil (such as sunflower oil)
1 cup of milk
2 eggs
vanilla extract
For the decoration

8 oz whipped cream
¾ cups of chocolate chips
7 mint flavored Christmas candy canes

electric mixer or whisk
icing bag


Step 1: In a large bowl mix flour, baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder and sugar

Step 2: Add hot black coffee to this mixture, then milk, vegetable oil, mixing well until you have a smooth batter.

Step 3: Whisk the eggs in another bowl and then add them to the mixture.

Step 4: Add the vanilla extract to the batter.

Step 5: Crush up some candy canes.

Step 6: Add these and the chocolate chips to the mixture, saving some for later to decorate the cupcakes.

Step 7: Bake them for about 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven (325 Fahrenheit).

Decorating the cupcakes

Step 1: Wait until the cupcakes are completely cooled down, then add a spoonful or whipped cream on top of each cupcake.

Step 2: With an icing bag drizzle some melted chocolate on top.

Step 3: Sprinkle some crushed candy cane on top of the cupcakes.


The cups of the cupcakes should be only ¾ full with batter, because they will rise.
You can crush the candy canes by placing them in a plastic bag and using a roller.

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